Swing3 by Hot cues

"... instead of choosing more classical house remixes, we decided to go for shorter edits, even radio edits, and search for all forms of dance electronica. And so we found and included gentle nudisco beats, break beat, big beat, some wobbly-wobbly, hip-hop remakes and fine, groovin' house remixes.

If Swing! was a rather straight-house representation of swing, and Swing2 introduced various genres, Swing3 is, to be totally honest, for the ladies :D It's just so sweet, packed with sticky melodies and vocals. Of course it also has its rough and rather harsh moments, so no clubber or swing dancer could feel left out." 

Have a go!

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1. Nekta - Listen
2. D Liang and D Johnston - Antidote (swing remix)
3. Electro swing lady - Give me a dream
4. Jimi Needles vs Randy Newman - Monster swing (Hot cues cut) 
5. Les Triplettes de Belleville - Belleville Rendez-Vous (Hot cues classic re-work)
6. Brenda Boykin - Hard swing travellin man (Smoove rmx)(Hot cues cut) 
7. Swagger Jax - Minnie the moocher
8. JFB - Social know how (Hot cues cut) 
9. James Curd - Be my baby (Hot cues cut) 
10. Little shoe polishers - Promised land
11. Soundassembly- Creeper (bye bye baby)
12. Think twice - Backsideofbody
13. Joli Dragon - Dat swing (Steve Navaro remix)
14. Paul Heizhardt - Sucette
15. Jem Stone - Be-bop 2 Hip-hop
16. Tape five - Avenue du Gare
17. Luigi Bastado - Tiptposy (main mix)
18. Caravan palace - 12 juin 3049

Hot cues

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