Soniie Forsyte playing Swing! at Sputnik, Ljubljana

Soniie Forsyte

A music producer decides to become a DJ for a very obvious reason: the need to get unbiased feedback. And so Oktarin, at the time going by the name Tyler Vaughn, gets introduced to the new Pioneer CDJ MKII digital turntables by drum 'n bass DJ Yakamashi in 2005. 

Musically speaking Soniie set out as a house music DJ and remains faithfull to the love of house to this day. In 2009 he discovers that there is more to music than just house, so he starts to build a library of music for after parties, ranging from broken beat, funk, retro swing to jazz and soul in general.

In 2009 he teams-up with EL DIABLO to form HOT CUES crew.

Today he declares himself as a house DJ for the clubs and all-that-jazz DJ for bars, business events and other light situations.

Current favourites....

DJs that Soniie Forsyte played together with:

  • Gianni Coletti
  • Joe Montana
  • JAMirko
  • DJ Pier
  • Zhelc Kovach
  • Yakamashi
  • Ben Owl
  • Blasch
  • Nyn
  • Peter Gold
  • Martelli
  • Sasso
  • Erwin Creeg
  • Dan Mitra
  • SweetSwing DJs
  • DJ Pan
  • Ozo (Code.ep)


  • Kottulinsky, Graz, Austria
  • K4, Ljubljana
  • Sub Sub, Ljubljana
  • TOP, Ljubljana
  • Stop, Bled
  • Jamova, Ljubljana
  • Brioni, Kranj
  • Zeleni Zajec, Ljubljana
  • Art of music, Kranjska gora
  • Klub Nebotičnik, Ljubljana
  • Kongres, underground
  • Tovarna Rog
  • LP Bar (atrij ZRC SAZU)
  • Žmavc, Ljubljana
  • Du-bop, Ljubljana
  • Discoteka Buda, Bled
  • Sputnik, Ljubljana
  • Galerija, Ljubljana
  • Egoist, Ljubljana
  • Solist, Ljubljana
  • LePlac, Šempeter
  • CUK Kino Šiška


Prime time

Prime time

Hard, funk, dance-able, twisted, weird, fun!
Sunken circus

Sunken circus

Underwater party that doesn't stop. Deep house mix!


Laid-back trippy mini-electro-house.