Oktarin aka Tyler Vaughn

Oktarin / Tyler Vaughn

The man with many names: max.Zero, RuBBerFly, Tyler Vaughn and Oktarin, as the final decision about artistic alter ego.

Began writing and arranging music in 1995 on his father's Atari ST520 computer, Roland D110 MIDI module and Korg Poly 800 keyboard.

First 5 years of music production can be best qualified as experimental electronica. None of the songs were released. At the break of the millennia Oktarin was subdued to dance electronica, especially house music and trance.

The trance period didn't last long on the account of ever-growing love for pure house music, funk and jazzy sounds. Rhythm and bass were always Oktarin's forte. He believes he inhereted that from his father, who co-founded the band Caravelle back in 1969 and played the drums.

Between years 2002 and 2006 Oktarin presented his music in trailer for Tomaz Moric's film The Tenth commandment, several theater play, on-line games, multimedia projects and radio ads.

Now, Oktarin decided to finally release the best moments from his productions. Later this year we expect his first EP.