Hot cues DJ crew

Hot cues

Hot cues crew was established in 2009 and comprises of DJs EL DIABLO and Soniie Forsyte.
As a crew, they find extra strenght and enthusiasm as they release their first studio DJ mix Swing! in April 2010. Swing swings across the globe, reaching over 10.000 downloads in just a few months. 
Hot cues release Swing2 in 2011 and continue to bring together the livelyhood of the 'old' genres, especially swing, disco and funk, and the great sound of modern music production. Retro-vs-Electro is their most popular concept.            

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DJs that Hot cues played together with:
  • Gianni Coletti
  • Joe Montana
  • JAMirko
  • DJ Pier
  • Zhelc Kovach
  • Yakamashi
  • Blasch
  • Nyn
  • Peter Gold
  • Martelli
  • Dan Mitra
  • SweetSwing DJs
  • DJ Pan
  • Ozo (Code.ep)

at venues:
  • Kottulinsky, Graz, Austria
  • K4, Ljubljana
  • Sub Sub, Ljubljana
  • TOP, Ljubljana
  • Stop, Bled
  • Brioni, Kranj
  • Zeleni Zajec, Ljubljana
  • Art of music, Kranjska gora
  • Club Skyscraper (Nebotičnik), Ljubljana
  • Tovarna Rog
  • LP Bar (atrij ZRC SAZU)
  • Žmavc, Ljubljana
  • Du-bop, Ljubljana
  • Bi-ko-fe, Ljubljana
  • Discoteka Buda, Bled
  • Sputnik, Ljubljana
  • Paprika, Portorož
  • CUK Kino Šiška
  • Cankarjev dom

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Business events

11.6.2012 - A DJ team dedicated to the needs of stylish business events.
Sunshine Inc

Sunshine Inc

Its a beautiful day.


Shining music inspired by a true love story
Summer and gold 2

Summer and gold 2

At the break of the summer 2013 a new mix is made: Summer and gold 2 is the playmate of the year and gives the much longed for house music experience.