Uplifting records

from left to right: Blaž, Matej, Grega

Where we come from - a brief history
Blaž found Uplifting records back in 2005. The name was chosen by inspiration as a way of saying 'I like music that makes me feel good'. He discovered later that the name had been in use before - Uplifting records was a label established by DJ Tonka in 1996 and discontinued in 2000.
For the first years, there wasn't much of a 'label-thing' going on. Website was built on a wordpress platform and used mostly as an outlet for DJ mixes by Blaž's alterego Soniie Forsyte. Later Grega's alterego EL DIABLO joined and published his DJ mixes. Releases? None so far. Untill Matej spoke openly about wanting to have his own label to release tracks. And so the three joined forces in 2010.

What kind of label is it - a taste for sound  
We go by the mantra 'adressing high-frequency emotions'. All our music, as the name itself proposes, strives to lift one's spirit upon listening to it. Does that mean we do not release beautiful-but-sad love songs? As we agreed upon - no. Sadness is not to be categorized as a lower-frequency emotion. It is by itself neutral and offers a chance to transcend it with understanding and compassion.

Why we do it
 - mission statement
We believe sound affects all and everything. A man is submitted to sound on a purely physical level as well as on emotional, mental and spiritual level. We are more receptive than we had previously imagined. Combining sources and authorities on sound healing and mood stimulation thru sound, we decided to choose to write, produce and release only the kind of music that supports well-being and self-paced progress thru becoming one's dream self. In short: we aspire to shape the world to the better by the sounds we emit in the universe.

Who we are - the people behind the label
Blaž Branc, founder, CEO
Skilled in both music production and business. Takes care of the business, especially marketing.     

Grega Jelar, partner, marketing & PR
In love with music. Bridging Matej's studio work and business as project manager. Specialises in scouting for new artists and fresh sounds.

Matej Avsenak, partner, responsible for sound quality, mixing, mastering
Matej has spend a lot of time trying to make his and his friends's sound tracks sound good. As he found there was a border to what quality he could get to, he decided to study sound engineering at SAE Institute in Ljubljana. He acquired lots of knowledge, which he puts to good use today. He is the sound sculpturing side of the record label. He took care of Jack Simmons's sound, and helped Oktarin with his, on some projects. He also works at the Slovenian national television, taking care of their sound, too :)



Jamova 27
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

t.:00 386 40 321 838 (Blaz)
e: info (at) upliftingrecords.com


Label run by:

Baltazar marketing Blaz Branc s.p.
Prihodi 4
SI-4270 Jesenice, Slovenia, EU
VAT: SI10440780
BIC/Swift code: ABANSI2X
Bank IBAN: SI56051008012430445