Soniie Forsyte - Cognac and cigars

Cognac and cigars by Soniie Forsyte

A vintage blend of music for social gatherings.

"After going deep into house music for the past 10 years, I realized lately that I have a special inclination towards vintage lounge music. The music presented in this new Cognac and cigars studio mix is a rare and forgotten beauty. Most tracks are from 1950s, 1960s and some from the 70s. What they have in common is that retro feel, glamorous and glorious feeling, rich in orchestration and with much imagination in composition.
Above all, this music make one feel relaxed, satisfied and surrounded with playful feelings. Because of its ambience, I placed it into the nostalgic ballrooms and salloons of the past century, therefore naming it ‘Cognac and cigars - a vintage blend of music for social gatherings’."

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1. Keith Mansfield - Life of leisure
2. Johnny Scott - Roses today
3. John Cameron - Half forgotten daydreams
4. Schulmaedchen report - Title theme
5. Ted Dicks - Busy boy
6. John Gregory - Jet stream
7. Neil Richardson - The Riviera affair
8. Hugo Montenegro - MacArthur park
9. Roberto Pregadio - Iena sequence
10. Al Caiola - The Mod squad theme
11. Laurie Johnson - Gala performance
12. Manfred Minnich - Shopping centre
13. Alan Hackshaw - Blarney's stoned
14. Mike Vickers - Pegasus
15. Charly Antolini - Nofretete's headache
16. Jean-Pierre Festi, Yvon Ouazana - Exciting Mrs. Brown
17. Syd Dale - The penthouse suite
18. Hugo Montenegro and his orchestra - Hang 'em high
19. Young holt unlimited - Soulful strut
20. Alan Tew - The detectives
21. Brian Bennett - Boogie juice
22. The Herbaliser - 24 carat blag
23. Cannonball Adderly - Walk tall
24. The Bamboos feat Paul MackInnes - Move on
25. Ralph Boston sound orchestra - Days of happiness
26. Otto Sieben - Curly Shirley

Enjoy this mix,
Soniie Forsyte

Release date: November 5th, 2010

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Legal notice: this mix is for your own enjoyment only. It is not to be sold or played publicy.